Our members range from beginning artists to skilled professionals. All you need to join is enthusiasm for visual arts and $25. Just complete the membership form and mail it with a check for annual dues ($25 for an individual or $35 per family) to Siskiyou Artists Association, P. O. Box 1654, Mount Shasta, CA 96067.

SAA is a non-profit organization governed by bylaws filed with the State of California.

2019 SAA Officers

President ..... Bea Duran-Whiteman
Vice President ..... OPEN
Secretary ..... Julia Rose
Treasurer ..... Joy Price

2019 SAA Committee Chairpersons

Art Show Chair(s) ..... Anne McTavish
Karen Copsey
Silent Auction ..... Ann Jensen
Membership Chair ..... Darlene Ball
Historian ..... Mary Carpelan
Newsletter ..... Barbara Soule
Publicity ..... Betsey Shuteroff
Scholarships ..... Betty Swartz
Web Site ..... Linda Cosner
Workshops ..... OPEN

2019 Board Advisors

Advisor ..... Betty Swartz
Advisor ..... Betsey Shuteroff
Advisor ..... Suzanne Mamedalin

The above Officers, Chairpersons, and Advisors constitute the SAA Board of Directors.

Monthly Meetings

In 2019, general meetings will be held in February, April, June, July, and October (see table below). There will be no general meetings in March, May, August, and September. Meetings begin at 2:00 p.m.; however, if you plan to bring your art to a critique meeting, be sure to be there with your artwork no later than 1:30 p.m.

2019 SAA Meeting Schedule

Date   Activity
February 17
.... General Meeting - Critique by Willo Balfrey
April 14
.... General Meeting - Critique by Chris Messer
June 9 .... General Meeting - Presentation by Maureen Williams on Preparing Artworks to Show
July 21
.... General Meeting - Critique by Cara Morgan
October 20   General Meeting - Critique or Demo TBA, Election of 2020 Officers, Artwork of the Year Selection

All 2019 SAA meetings will be held at the Lake Shastina Community Center, 15244 Driftwood Lane, Lake Shastina. Thank you Lee and Betsey for negotiating those arrangements.

At each critique meeting, up to three Artworks of the Month are selected by a vote of the members and guests present. At the October meeting, members vote for the Artwork of the Year from among those works selected at the critique meetings.

Critique Criteria

    1. The artwork must be submitted by 1:30 p.m. on the critique meeting day.
    2. Artists may submit one piece of art per critique meeting.
    3. The artist must be present.
    4. Art must be dry and ready to hang or display. Watercolors must be matted but do not need to be framed.
    5. The artist's name, the title of the piece, and the medium used must be noted on the back or bottom of the work.
    6. Guests may present art work to be critiqued.
    7. Three artworks will be selected by vote of the members present as Artworks of the Month.
    8. The winning artworks and artists will have their picture taken for the local newspaper. Winning artists are reminded to make themselves and their artwork available to the photographer immediately at the close of the meeting.

All critiques are conducted by professional artists and art instructors from Northern California or Southern Oregon.


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