Best of Show by Neil JacobsThe Siskiyou Artists Association 61st Annual Show at the Mount Shasta Sisson Museum was judged by Ted Helard. Neil Jacobs was awarded "Best of Show" for his mixed-media painting titled "Came from Somewhere." All show awards, which were presented at the August 17 reception, are listed below.

Artist Title Award
Mary Carpelan “Otto” 1st Place
Eric Shinn “Newspring” 2nd Place
Eric Shinn “Ouroboros” 3rd Place
Ernie Wasson “Ginkgo Dreams” 1st Place
Mac MaGill “Sunshine Rapture II” 2nd Place
Suzanne Mamedalin “The Visitor” 3rd Place
Betty Swartz “Self Portrait (Who, me?)” Honorable Mention
Lugene Whitley “Grow Your Own Way” 1st Place
Anne McTavish “Figure 2” 2nd Place
Cara Morgan “Majestic” 3rd Place
Neil Jacobs “1938 Race Car” Honorable Mention
Mixed Media
Neil Jacobs “Came from Somewhere” 1st Place
Marion Vaughan “Meteor Strike” 2nd Place
Barbara Soule “There and Here” 3rd Place
Kathleen Langford “Forest Landscape Triptych” Honorable Mention
Karol McGuire “Pied Piper – A Devon Rex Kitten” 1st Place
Dennis King “Produce Stand” 2nd Place
Leonard Brown “Annunciation” 3rd Place
Karen Copsey “Catalina Afternoon” Honorable Mention
Betsey Shuteroff “Cavorting in the Cave: Horse Play” 1st Place
Cara Morgan “Cherries” 2nd Place
Kathleen Langford “Shasta Valley from Slough Road” 3rd Place
Carol Wilder “Glory (Psalm 19:1)” Honorable Mention
Ernie Wasson “Berries” 1st Place
Water Media
Janette Brown “Backyard Poppies IV” 1st Place
Suzanne Birch “Big Blue Lake” 2nd Place
Bea Duran-Whiteman “Morning Light 3rd Place
Carol Wilder “Autumn Mist (on Japanese masa paper)” Honorable Mention
Special Merit Awards
Neil Jacobs “Came from Somewhere” Best of Show
Linda Cosner “Nematodes” Best Abstract
Barbara Soule “Spring Starlings – Montague” Best Animal
Barbara Soulé “There and Here” Best Figurative
Pat Satariano “Sage Brush Passage” Best Landscape
Dennis King “Portrait/Artist’s Mother” Best Portrait
Ann Jensen “The White Rose” Best Still Life
Kathleen Langford “Shasta Valley from Slough Road” Best Siskiyou Scene
Bea Duran-Whiteman "Peace on Earth" Popular Vote



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