The Siskiyou Artists Association 60th Annual Show at the Mount Shasta Sisson Museum was judged by Jacksonville, Oregon Artist Sue Bennett. Bea Duran-Whiteman was awarded "Best of Show" for her water media painting titled “Tangled Trail.” All show awards, which were presented at the August 18 reception, are listed below.

2017 Best of Show by Bea Duran-Whiteman

Artist Title Award
Mary Carpelan “Wire Lady” Best 3-D
1st Place
David Shuteroff “Look Here” 2nd Place
Al Groncki “Soaring the Marble Rim” Honorable Mention
Sarah Rose-Jones “Sea Flower” Honorable Mention
Donna Harper “Afternoon Glow in Dunsmuir” 1st Place
Mac MaGill “Highway Rapture II” 2nd Place
Jennifer Pentrack “Owl” 3rd Place
Lee Weber “Iguana, Central America” Honorable Mention
Donna Harper “Misty” Honorable Mention
Jennifer Pentrack “Untitled (Female Figure)” 1st Place
Mary Carpelan “Tule” 2nd Place
Mixed Media
Darlene Southworth “Marimba” 1st Place
Kathleen Langford “Shasta Valley Looking South” 2nd Place
Neil Jacobs “Untitled” 3rd Place
Joy Price “Coq au Vin” Honorable Mention
Ann Jensen “Koi” Honorable Mention
Karen Copsey “Spring” 1st Place
Mickey Plank “Flowers-Cherub-Still Life” 2nd Place
Ann Jensen “The Rose” 3rd Place
Leonard Brown “The Pearl” Honorable Mention
Anne Paxton Wagley “Shasta River Meadow” Honorable Mention
Anne McTavish “Southwest” Honorable Mention
Joy Price “Siskiyou Gothic” Honorable Mention
Carol Wilder “Untitled” 1st Place
Betsy Shuteroff “Aspen Homestead” 2nd Place
Betsy Shuteroff “Along the Idaho Snake” 3rd Place
Betsy Shuteroff “My Place” Honorable Mention
Jennifer Pentrack “Traces” 1st Place
Sherry Ackerman “Looking Back” Honorable Mention
Water Media
Bea Duran-Whiteman “Tangled Trail” 1st Place
Elaine Frenett “Lavender Hue” 2nd Place
Bea Duran-Whiteman “Burano Island 3rd Place
Linda Richter “Mr. Moose” Honorable Mention
Joy Price “Naptime” Honorable Mention
Special Merit Awards
Bea Duran-Whiteman “Tangled Trail” Best of Show
Mary Carpelan “Wire Lady” Best 3-D
Jennifer Pentrack “Traces” Best Abstract
Karen Copsey “Eiger” Best Animal
Ann Jensen “The Rose” Best Floral
Barbara SoulĂ© “Daughter” Best Portrait/Figurative
Suzanne Mamedalin “Opus 16” Best Landscape/Seascape
Kathleen Langford “Shasta Valley Looking South” Best Siskiyou Scene
Karen Copsey “Summer Garden” Best Still Life
Carol Wilder Untitled Pastel Painting Popular Vote



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