The Siskiyou Artists Association 58th Annual Show at the Mount Shasta Sisson Museum features 82 entries, including acrylic, oil, pastel, and mixed-media paintings; printmaking; and 3-D artworks.

Best of Show by Larry Sassarini

The show was judged by professional artist Susan F. Greaves. Larry Sassarini was awarded "Best of Show" for his untitled oil landscape painting (above). All show awards, which were presented at the August 21 reception, are listed below.

Artist Title Award
Al Groncki Sitting Bull 1st Place
Lee Weber Heliconia, Costa Rica 1st Place
R. "Mac" Magill Mystic Landscape II 2nd Place
Linda Cosner All That Jazz 3rd Place
Neil Jacobs Blue Honorable Mention
Mixed Media
Carol Wilder Bejewelled 1st Place
Linda Cosner The Fall 2nd Place
Suzanne Mamedalin Sea Weave 3rd Place
Suzanne Birch All Those Faces Honorable Mention
Victor Medrano Mount Shasta #3 1st Place
Anne Paxton Wagley Mount Shasta - Hammond Pond View 2nd Place
Anne Hill Snowy Egret 3rd Place
Larry Sassarini Untitled Landscape I Honorable Mention
Jean Stutsman Rolling Hills Honorable Mention
Linda Bèze The Gossip 1st Place
Betsey Shuteroff Let's Go! 2nd Place
Linda Bèze Changed My Mind! 3rd Place
Betsey Shuteroff Los Burros Honorable Mention
Ernie Wasson Angelica Brown 1st Place
Water Media
Carol Wilder Roots and Shoots 1st Place
Janette Brown Shasta Lilies 2nd Place
Carol Wilder Northwest Coast 3rd Place
Joy Price Fern Honorable Mention
Special Merit Awards
Larry Sassarini Untitled Landscape II Best of Show
Betty Swartz Sunflower Best 3-D
Lee Weber Heliconia, Costa Rica Best Abstract
Linda Bèze The Gossip Best Animal
Janette Brown Shasta Lilies Best Floral
Anne Paxton Wagley Mount Shasta - Hammond Pond View Best Landscape/Seascape
Dennis King Self-Portrait Best Portrait/Figurative
Victor Medrano Mount Shasta #3 Best Siskiyou Scene
Dennis King Jeffrey Pines at Fall River Judge's Choice
Anne Paxton Wagley Mount Shasta - Hammond Pond View Judge's Choice
Dianna Praize Reverie Popular Vote



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