The Siskiyou Artists Association 56th Annual Show at the Mount Shasta Sisson Museum features 90 entries, including acrylic, oil, pastel, encaustic, and mixed-media paintings; pencil and charcoal drawings; stained glass; printmaking; and 3-D sculptures in a broad spectrum of mediums.

Best of Show

The show was judged by professional artist and COS art professor Dennis Weathers. Sulena Sivananda was awarded "Best of Show" for her untitled acrylic abstract (above). All show awards, which were presented at the August 16 reception, are listed below.

Artist Title Award
Sulena Sivananda Untitled Best of Show
Darlene Ball Sunset Sail 1st Place
Mac R. McGill That Old 3-Wheeler 2nd Place
Cate Lewis Karma Mountain 3rd Place
Mary Larsen Seascape Honorable Mention
Donna Sanders Olivia 1st Place
Best Figurative
Judy Hester Brain Storm 2nd Place
Mary Larsen Wonder 3rd Place
Encaustic & Mixed Media
Barbara Soule Lake Siskiyou Shores 1st Place
Janet Curti Haines Graffiti Bridge Fragments 40 2nd Place
Best Abstract
Suzanne Mamedalin Raven 3rd Place
Kathleen Langford Shasta Valley Honorable Mention
Betty Swartz Pier #1 Honorable Mention
Dennis King Mount Shasta Boulevard 1st Place
Best Siskiyou Scene
Dennis King Bob at Work 2nd Place
Kimberley Guthrie Shasta View From Here 3rd Place
Linda Cosner Antipasto Honorable Mention
Best Still Life
Victor Medrano Shore Otter Rock, Oregon Honorable Mention
Larry Sassarini Mountains of Siskiyou County Honorable Mention
Stained Glass
Colleen Shelly T.N.T. 1st Place
Betsey Shuteroff Summer Hill Sonoma 1st Place
Carol Wilder Nina De Puno (Peru) 2nd Place
Carol Wilder Winter's Gold 3rd Place
Best Landscape
Mimi Kearns Hope II 1st Place
Sculpture - 3D
Al Groncki Preening Canada Goose 1st Place
Best Animal
John Harch Nail Sculpture with Copper Wire 2nd Place
Lindalee Carbah Midnight 3rd Place
Gary Smoot Great Gray Owl Honorable Mention
Water Media
Joy Price Colca Canyon Herder 1st Place
Suzanne Birch Martin's Ranch 2nd Place
Kimberley Guthrie McCloud Falls 3rd Place
Loree Dieckmann Raggedy Ann Honorable Mention
Susan Nihen Winter Sunset Honorable Mention


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